Group History

Between 2005 and 2007, several people had discussed the possibility of forming a new group that met their personal desires for a home group. Numerous suggestions arose out of these discussions.  The most common theme was to have a group develop out of the hearts of a number of individuals from different backgrounds that had demonstrated a passion for Alcoholics Anonymous.  It was also apparent that we were interested in building a solid and diverse core of service oriented home group members, involved with all three legacies of Alcoholics Anonymous, and guided by an informed group conscience.

Finally, there were enough individuals interested.  A group of men and women, with a total of over 100 years of sobriety in the men and over 100 years of sobriety in the women gathered at Kent D’s house on July 1, 2007. The meeting was facilitated by Tom I. of North Carolina, and the objectives of the group were compiled. It was a brain storming session, in which everyone had an opportunity to describe what they would like to see in a home group.  Photographs of these notes are available.

The people at the first brainstorming session were: Ace S., Anita L.T., Arline R., Claire H., Craig F., Denise P., Felix V., Frank H., Jack I., Jeff T., Jim H., Keith B., Kent D., and Susan J.

At the second meeting, the objectives of the group were confirmed and it was determined that our first effort would be an open speaker meeting on Sundays at 6 P.M. Everyone was asked to suggest a name that would represent our objectives and out of the 14 names suggested, the “Love and Service Group of Alcoholics Anonymous”, suggested by Anita T., was the unanimous favorite.

Love And Service Group Objectives

  1. Our Primary Purpose will be the focus of every meeting and activity.
  2. We will identify and greet visitors to our group and make them feel welcome.
  3. Our group will foster a sense of belonging and provide an environment that is safe and supportive.
  4. We will try to always remember that there are no unimportant Alcoholics Anonymous meetings; someone’s recovery might be at stake.
  5. Newcomers will be given a sound introduction to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  6. Service will be a group ethic; all group members will have the opportunity to actively participate in service.
  7. Meetings, services, activities and events will be planned by group members with roles and responsibilities defined; all leadership positions will rotate.
  8. Trusted servants will be given the right of decision and report activities at business meetings.
  9. We will be fully self supporting and try to contribute in all ways to all Alcoholics Anonymous service entities.
  10. Sponsorship will be encouraged; including temporary sponsorship and sponsorship through service activities.
  11. All group members will take responsibility for the group and its commitments.
  12. Group and individual anniversaries will be celebrated in open meetings so that families can be present. We absolutely insist on enjoying life.
  13.  We will secure and maintain a location that is available, accessible and adequate for our program needs.
  14.  A communications instrument will be developed to assure that members are in good communication about all group activities and action.
  15. We will employ rule 62.

At the third planning meeting, the members of the group were obviously taking ownership of this fledgling group as each person took a one year service commitment for the speaker meeting.  Aspects of the speaker meeting were discussed by the group and from this; the format was developed by the first secretary, Jeff T.

The first meeting was held on September 23, 2007, in the Generations Room of The Hope Center, 2275 Morello Ave., Pleasant Hill, CA.

To help accomplish the ‘sound introduction of newcomers to AA’ it was thought that a newcomer meeting, (Added 8/14/08) would be needed, and a meeting on the Steps, Traditions, and Concepts, (Added 11/6/08) as well as a Big Book meeting, (added 9/8/13).  The idea was that someone new could come to the Love and Service Group and be exposed to all of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Though the group objectives described our core goals, the group discussed other characteristics of a well structured, purposeful home group that had a foundation in planning.  As the group grows, additional considerations might be: To do a yearly inventory, (added 1/09); and utilize a steering committee, (added 4/11/15). We thought that it was important that the group be family friendly, inviting families to participate in celebrations; possibly offer babysitting; develop and maintain a good relationship with Al-Anon, including joint AA/Al-Anon activities; and reach out to individuals that alcoholics, seeking help, may come in contact with such as: ministers, therapists, doctors, parole officers, and treatment professionals. (Our first PI/CPC chair was elected February 2015) Other possible future activities might be a retreat, breakfast meetings, panel meetings and workshops, (first workshop 3/3/12 with Bob D.) on topics that would help group members grow in understanding and effectiveness in AA and maintain a healthy group in the years ahead.

January of 2014 our group put on its first AA History day, (added 1/18/14), an overwhelming success.

April 23, 2015 was the first meeting of the Finance Class (Financial amends class).